Sikkim is a small state of India wedged between Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.  I reached it via West Bengal passing through a huge military presence and presenting a permit at border control.  I had an official guide and driver as independent travel is not allowed.  To visit Sikkim is a great privilege.  It is a mountainous region intersected by partially made roads which take hours to navigate.  Once away from the road, there are thick jungles and hillside villages with houses painted in very bright colours.  The main crop is cardamom and as you walk between the towering plants you often have to dodge the water sprinklers.  People are very friendly and hospitable.  At an engagement party I was allowed to photograph the Buddhist monks chanting in the prayer room.  At a monastery I was given special permission to photograph a unique statue after attending morning prayers.  Everywhere I walked dogs came along for the company. There was so much to see that I had to remember sometimes to look up at the stunning backdrop of the Himalaya and Kanchenjunga.