Saskatchewan is not a typical tourist destination and especially in the winter.  In 2011, I was invited to spend a week up in the Prince Albert National Park to learn all about animal tracking.  After a little research I discovered that one of my childhood heroes, Grey Owl, had lived in a cabin here. Grey Owl was a sham.  Not the ‘Red Indian’ who went from trapper to animal conservationist.  He was an Englishman born in Hastings.  That is another story but one worth reading.

When I left the airport in Saskatoon, the cold took my breath away.  After that I wore everything I possessed, ski pants, thermals, cashmere, fleece, the lot.  I was worried about my camera freezing up but I kept it in a padded bag most of time and only whipped it out for shots.

Prince Albert National Park was a white wonderland and deserted except for wildlife.  I spotted a wolf kill on the first day.  After that a guide showed me how to follow and identify tracks by snowshoe and dog sled. I saw beaver lodges and otter dens, came across wolves and was shown Grey Owl’s original beaded ceremonial dress by a park ranger.

Saskatchewan is a place to explore.  I learned that further north there were bison herds and ancient rock paintings.  I saw just a tiny piece of a huge and interesting landscape.