Lundy is an enigma. A granite rock that sits in the middle of the Bristol Channel, has its own postal service and is a stopover for migrating birds.
A group of us went to celebrate a birthday. It was a great excuse. Lundy had been on my radar for many years. We rented one of the English Heritage properties – Government House – and spent five days exploring.
There was no fresh drinking water and washing was generally rationed. The one pub and a shop served us well for meals at home and out.
Although the island is only 3 miles long by half a mile wide, there is much to discover. It is rich in plant, animal, bird and sea life with an interesting history to match.
Everything about Lundy was wonderful and a true getaway. Due to an abysmal phone signal, contact with the outside world just 12 miles away was limited.
Most people visit for the day on what can be a stomach churning two-hour boat trip. I would say that a few hours on Lundy are not worth it. You will never see the glorious sunsets and sunrises and you will miss the last minute activities that are chalked up daily on the notice board outside the shop.
I took only two lenses: 24-70mm F.2.8 and 100-400mm F4/5.6. Next time I will take a macro lens. There is the obvious beauty all around but on the ground and in the rocks are miniature worlds waiting to be captured.